Why Do Tow Trucks Come at Night: 7 Reasons [Surprising]

why do tow trucks come at night

Towing operations play a vital role in maintaining order on our roads and ensuring the swift removal of vehicles that pose a threat or violate parking regulations. Interestingly, tow trucks predominantly hit the streets under darkness, operating primarily at night. There are several reasons for this. The reduced traffic volume during nighttime allows tow trucks […]

Should I Increase Tire Pressure When Towing: 4 Reasons [For Safety]

should i increase tire pressure when towing

Towing heavy loads, whether an RV trailer or a camper, places unique demands on a vehicle’s tires. One critical consideration in the towing discourse is whether to increase the tow vehicle’s tire pressure to accommodate the additional weight. When you’re hauling that hefty load behind you, your tow vehicle’s tires need all the support they […]

How to Tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee Behind Motorhome: 7 Steps

How to Tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee Behind Motorhome: 7 Steps

An off-road adventure in your Jeep Grand Cherokee is a great addition to a road trip with your dependable motorhome to enjoy the best of both worlds. It is the convenience of home on wheels and the freedom to explore diverse terrains in your Jeep. And flat-towing is the simplest and most convenient way to […]

Is It OK to Tow a Car With a Rope: 4 Reasons to Avoid

Is It OK to Tow a Car With a Rope

Sometimes, your car may get into an unexpected accident or stall on a busy road where you need to tow it to a safe location or a mechanic. In such situations, you may be tempted to resort to the easiest and fastest option, towing your car with a rope. However, is it really okay to […]

Truck Payload vs Towing Capacity: 7 Key Differences

Truck Payload vs Towing Capacity

A truck’s capability is a major consideration before towing any vehicle or trailer. You need to understand two essential factors: payload capacity and towing capacity. These two capacities are often confused with each other, but they serve different purposes. Payload refers to the weight a truck can carry within its confines, including passengers and cargo, […]

When Do I Need Heavy Duty Shocks for Towing: 8 Scenarios

when do i need heavy duty shocks for towing

The synergy between a vehicle’s suspension system and the task at hand plays a big part in ensuring a safe, stable, and comfortable trip. Among the key components contributing to this dynamic relationship, the role of heavy-duty shocks emerges as paramount. You may need heavy-duty shocks to provide optimal suspension and stability when towing heavy […]

How to Eliminate Truck Bounce When Towing: 8 Things to Check

How to Eliminate Truck Bounce When Towing

Towing a trailer with a truck is a convenient way to transport goods or enjoy a vacation, but truck bounce is a common problem during heavy-duty towing. This is an unsettling experience where the trailer momentarily leaves the ground and lands back on its wheels. This bouncing issue not only leads to discomfort but can […]

What Are the Three Types of Towing: A Comprehensive Guide

What Are the Three Types of Towing

When you drive on the roads, anytime your vehicle experiences a breakdown. In such situations, your immediate priority becomes getting your vehicle to the nearest repair center for assistance. Tow trucks are designed to transport vehicles from one location to another, and different towing methods are available to cater to different needs. It’s essential to […]

How to Fix Truck Squat When Towing: 4 Practical Tips

How to Fix Truck Squat When Towing

Truck squat, also known as truck sag, is common when towing heavy loads or hauling payloads. This visible effect of payload on the rear end axle causes the front of the vehicle to lift while the rear end tilts downward. And without fixing the issue, it compromises the truck’s stability and becomes a potential danger. […]

What States Allow Double Towing: A Complete List

what states allow double towing

You may require double towing for various reasons, but you need to know that the rules and regulations governing this practice aren’t the same everywhere you go. So, before you hitch up that second trailer, it’s crucial to be aware of which states across the United States permit double towing. In the vast and diverse […]